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I only mention this not because one day I was reading feminist lit ..

I tried everything i could do to save her..
but nothing worked..
it’s no us..

She’s dead Jim.

milindsmart says:
February 4, 2013 at 11:45 pm
Ok, I will try to add some outside influence. I’m from India, and I’m “only” 23, dunno if that’s enough to comment on these weighty issues.

Note: Someone above said that this is a US only site. Really?? No one else is supposed to say anything? I’m going to assume I can ignore that comment.

The scene is different, but, in the 10 point scale, I’m surely not worth more than 7, on the personal Game skills. But, wait lemme explain.

Arranged marriage is the norm at home. (I’m in Canada for a few months, learning about the Western life.) Its pretty much what you expect, except for some lout who grouped it with HONOUR KILLINGS! Guess what, arranged marriage is a system with some choice for both parties. They pick among a set of nominated candidates. How are these chosen?

Education (a better judge of persistence of marriage than probably anything else)
Caste (Sucks ; Though its a way of finding other people who have the same values. Nevertheless sucks.)
Money (Sucks ; Your family better be rich, although, same idea as above, find others of same level)
Status (Sucks Bad ; Ditto )
Reputation (Sucks Bad ; Aspersions are cast on character on any whim)

Now you can easily see why anybody of my age would be opposed to it. Its a restrictive system which converts a personal decision into an economic and social one. Bride is traded to the groom’s family like some kind of cow. No cruelty, and other horrors. Its not inhuman. It’s restrictive.

milindsmart says:
February 4, 2013 at 11:56 pm
This is vastly different from the situation in the Americas, virginity till marriage is expected. On the surface of it, it sounds cruel and puritanical. It is, just not as much as you think it might be.