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Anyway, I had a shower and he got Thai food for dinner. The nail in the coffin for me was that he sat down to eat, got up, came around the bench, kissed me, then went back and sat down.

I’m sure that there’s a girl out there who would love to be smothered and doted on my him. Just not me.

Now I have to tell him that.

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Take2 : Bachelor Number 23 – third date
Posted on February 6, 2011 by Take2 | 1 Comment
“Put your hands all over, put your hands all over me” Maroon5

It had been an enormous weekend. And I was quite pleased with myself to be honest. I knew what I wanted on Saturday night, I was straight up about it, and I got it.

I’d had a great day with Carwash and his flatmate, but I was pretty tired by the time Bachelor Number 23 picked me up at 8pm to go and see a movie.

I jumped in his car and we had a sneaky pash before heading to the movies. On the way he talked about his day, and his plans for the week with work. I told him I was pretty tired but looking forward to just chilling out with a movie and some frozen coke.

He was super touchy-feely. He held my hand, stroked my hair, touched my arm, and that was all on the way from the car to the cinema! After buying our tickets he said ‘You really are tired aren’t you? You didn’t have to come along tonight.’ I simply said ‘But I wanted to.’ And I did.