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After dinner I was keen to continue, and I had been talking about a recent trip to the German club, so Bachelor Number 24 suggested that we drop in for a nightcap. I agreed, and we headed off in a taxi. As we walked up to the bar, the bartender recognised me and said “Hey, how many sour apple schnapps this time?” I laughed it off, and told Bachelor Number 24 I had been a patron many times. This was further demonstrated when we sat down in the beer hall (after three shots each of sour apple schnapps) and the entertainer, Andrew, having finished a set came straight off stage to say hello to me. And ask where Macca and Magic were. He’s totally in love with them.

Bachelor Number 24 also had a couple of beers (which is a lot of beer at the German Club, they are full pints!), and we kissed a few times sitting at the table in the beer hall. He had his hand on my butt, on my thigh, and on my back most of the time. Two more shots of schnapps each, then he asked if I wanted to dance. So we danced to the likes of “Sweet Caroline” and “Moondance”, before buying a takeaway bottle of schnapps and heading back to my place.

We sat on the couch and started making out. I was thinking about possibly sleeping with him. But after just five minutes he informed me that he was “too drunk to go any further”. We kissed some more and then he went to the bathroom. While he was in there I called him a cab.

When he came out, I told him that I had called him a cab. He didn’t really argue, but said he wished he could stay. When he left, I wasn’t ready for bed. I had a plan…

…to be continued…

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