Instead of listing reminder email templates for every possible situation, it’s best to learn how to create them yourself.  Please let us know why this article wasn't helpful to you: To send your reminder message, you need an email marketing platform like Moosend or Mailchimp to give you the following tools: an email editor, newsletter templates, list management, , automation, and reporting and analytics. You’ve been using every trick up your sleeve to market an event for your business or your client, and you’ve watched the RSVPs pour in. But the day of the event arrives, and only a fraction of those RSVPs show up. What in the world happened? The blame probably lies with your event reminder email…or lack thereof.An effective event reminder will do wonders for your attendance rate, and we have all the secrets to building one that works. Keeping your email out of spam filters, getting noticed by attendees, hyping up attendees so they come to the event engaged - we’ll help you do it all. Read on for the how-to guide you didn’t know you needed.event reminder emailThe estimated cost of an email is based on the number of subscribers and the number of remaining free emails at the time that you send the email. Factors such as fluctuations in your subscriber list, or sending additional , emails before a scheduled email, can change the final cost of an email. Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans can , be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans. Even though my husband still gets paid every two weeks, I now send emails just once a month. Here’s my basic method: If you're sending out a monthly newsletter, consider sending an additional email once a month with a special offer or promotion. This helps keep your customers engaged and interested in your actions without annoying them with too many templateDrama aside, email newsletters are such a fascinating medium because they come in so many shapes and sizes. With the right combination, you get a wide range of experts in your inbox periodically, sharing news, insights, and advice. Quick to brush off e-newsletters?. , Think again! We have covered some best advertising newsletter writing practices and presented some examples of email templates with content ideas. Let’s briefly review them again: Email newsletters are less crowded and noisy than other advertising channels, allowing your email ads to really stand out. Furthermore, email ads located above the fold and at the top of an email newsletter are even more visible still. If you&8217;d like to go beyond the visibility and engagement of display advertising in email newsletters, consider native ads instead, but more on that later.