• But let me take a few steps back, because I have some important lessons to share.

So, this is how the story goes. Guy likes my profile. I like his. We start emailing. It clicks immediately – we find each other funny, share similar interests, email flows easily. Right from the start I find myself thinking “I could really like this guy.”

And so it happens. In a ridiculously short amount of time I find myself booked in for a mid-week catch-up. Relaxed, friendly, let’s meet for a quick drink and see if we find each other interesting/attractive in person. It’s a date.

So the day comes around. I get home from work, throw on a pair of jeans and then sit on the couch, waiting anxiously for the appointed time. I think I have it pretty much under control. Until Take2 gets home from work.

Take2 : Oh how exciting! You’re ready! When do you leave?

Me: In about 15 mins.

Take2 : Yay! how exciting, are you all prepared?

Me: Well… yes.. I think so?

Take2 : So, hand-shake or cheek-kiss?

Me: What??

Take2 : When you meet! Are you going for a hand-shake or a cheek kiss?