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Sant Atulanand Residential Academy (SARA) is the best boarding school in Varanasi. SARA is a ‘Gurukul’ in its truest sense and aims at the all-round development of its students. The campus is full of positive vibes and the Best hostel school in Varanasi I couldn’t have thought of the best residential school in Varanasi than this one of the best CBSE boarding school in Varanasi. It is well equipped with all the modern amenities & best CBSE boarding schools for boys Varanasi & for best CBSE boarding schools for girls in Varanasi which are conducive for learning process of students with the best school in Varanasi with hostel and best CBSE boarding schools for kids in Varanasi & SARA is the best school of Varanasi & CBSE residential school in Varanasi
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