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Although, now that I think about it, Desi’s oft repeated hope for *most* men to drop dead, or expat, or be sterilized (excepting, of course, those OTHER men — the lucky 10-15% of alphas) is not far removed from Whiskey’s notion that if there were a button to be pressed that would kill off all betas, women would break their fucking WRISTS, they couldn’t push it fast and hard enough.

So, Desi, tell me — do you agree with Whiskey? At least Lady Raine has the compassion and humanity to praise No More Mr. Nice Guy as being a decent human being whom she would like to see stick around. But you, Desi, seem to agree with Whiskey that most women would rather KILL OFF (or alternately, turn into “fabulous” declawed, defanged homos) most men, excepting the “hot” guys.

So, which is it?

Now wait a minute here, Tupac.

In Desi’s defense, she did NOT say “only leave the hot ones”. She said to chemically castrate ALL men at a certain age, no exceptions.

I’m not saying I agree with that, but she did NOT support Whiskey’s bizarre theories at all. Whiskey thinks that ALL White Women like bikers (do we even still HAVE those?) and Black Men. Even when the women (like me) repeatedly tells him she’s never even DATED a Black Man and probably wouldn’t.