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Using your numbers? The cad — and it isn’t even close.

Let’s take it as given that the Dad and his mate reproduce at the rate of 1 child per year for her maximum window of fertility. Let’s call that 30 years (15 to 45). So, being extremely generous, the Dad Strategy’s maximum possible lifetime reproduction is 30. If everything goes really, really, really well, Dad’s max is still capped at 30.

What is the cad’s maximum possible reproductive potential in his lifetime? If he has sex once per day from age 15 to 65, that’s 18,250 copulations.

18,250 * 2.7% = 493

Maximum Dad: 30

Maximum Cad: 493

And this is cheating in Dad’s favor. A man can have sex more than once a day, so the theoretical max for a high-T Cad could perhaps triple. And women seek Cads during ovulation (hmm…wonder why), so that 2.7% figure is probably too low for Cad copulations.

Genghis Khan was apparently able to significantly exceed Maximum Cad. I’m guessing the conception rate was higher than 2.7%. Genghis was certainly able to control the variables if he wanted to. A very high-T male mating with one new ovulating 22-year-old per day could easily have 50 offspring per year. A lifetime of Super Dad equals a few months of Genghis. One Genghis lifetime equals 100 Super Dad lifetimes. Or 1000 Average Dad lifetimes. These numbers are big enough to matter.

In real life, of course, neither the Dad nor Cad will realize the theoretical maximum. How many dads actually have 30 kids? How many cads can actually find one 2.7%-level copulation per day (and also avoid the temptation of anal sex; I mean, come on)?

But if you chip away at the Cad’s potential to adjust for real life in the ancestral environment, then you must also chip away at Dad’s.