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Is there not a lack of “connection” and “intimacy”… that feeling of anticipation we all love with finding a date offline?

What’s the biggest problem with going out to “clubs and bars” for connection apart from the fact that:

You can’t hear yourself speak

They can’t hear anything your saying

And you suck at dancing?

This BIGGEST problem is…

You have NO idea who is single or the motives of others in the room PLUS any way of finding out without making a complete fool of yourself.

Online bars and clubs are basically full of groups of girls and guys dancing but RARELY interacting. A lot of bad dancing and moving around but due to the atmosphere connection does not take place.

A great place if you just want to go wild for the night but is that why you are there? I think people are there because they want to connect with members of the opposite sex. This is not happening for many reasons, some mentioned above.

Online dating communities have managed to group people together in the same place with the same MOTIVES.

You know straight away if someone is looking for further connection so time is not “wasted” on aimlessly searching around town late at night with no real direction.

Before we go on:

I am NOT suggesting we disregard the wonderful feeling of “the catch”, that period of flirty behaviour before intimacy that we all love. This is one of the best feelings associated with the dating process and online dating should not replace it.

Once you have found the people that you know are interested… Contact them and ask them to meet in certain areas for real connection.