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It is kinda scary, in my opinion, at how tech savvy they are compared to their predecessors. At least with what I have seen. They aren’t posting sub-par videos made in caves like Bin Laden, but instead are showing higher quality videos with their flags waving in cities while they execute people by the dozen.

Price, I am curious about your former job. Obviously, you don’t have to say anything but…what was it that you did exactly? If you don’t mind, where or what type of work was it? I know you have said a few times that you helped transcribe stuff?

I am just curious, it sounds like a interesting job. How would one go about getting into something like that? Did it pay well???

OT time:

A statutory rape victim is being forced to pay child support to his rapist for a child that was conceived when he was 14 years old.

I saw a link on Roosh V forum about a huffpo article about how men knew that their relationship was over and the divorce inevitable. It was depressing, and you guys can find it on the forum under the ‘Everything else’ tab and is probably on the front page. What I found funny was a link in the comments to a website for Marines, and I assume others:

In the news down under, a feminist compared being a housewife to prostitution and as a journalist she decided to go into (actual) prostitution as a career upgrade. File in the “can’t make this shit up” category of what feminists say:

This can be filed in the obvious category:

And according to the Wapo, weight is like the new rape:

Feminists and bitches have been going crazy this last week or so talking about mental rape and shit with respect to the celeb leaks. And they say we are products of a ‘rape culture’???