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I’m sorry, but I think saying “Don’t judge promiscuity. They could still be great people inside, and blah blah” is to be really unmindful of the times we live in. Why on earth, out of all the things one can do in life, is fucking someone one barely knows so deserving of vicious rights-protection? Why out of all things does one of the commenters enjoy being slutty, and assert the right to do it, unmindful of the effect it is having?

Please don’t flame me, I’m not done yet.

milindsmart says:
February 5, 2013 at 12:43 am
divorce? disapproving gaze of society
particularly notorious relationship during college? ditto
multiple such relationships? “he/she’s ‘THAT’ kind of boy/girl”
not a virgin, and parents get to know? Scandal
cheating? bigger scandal
cuckold? I can’t imagine


The family is the basic economic unit. This entire civilization is built upon the family. EVERYTHING we have today that we didn’t have centuries before, springs at some level from the efficiency of the family. There’s just no beating the superb effectiveness of a man and a woman, each working, running a house, and raising 1/2/3/? children, in a conducive environment. And I have to say, promiscuity doesn’t really do the family great favours.

I am not saying that they must be banned or anything like that. India definitely needs to get out of enormous amounts of moral policing on young people for every little thing they do.

But we should not be explicitly promoting promiscuity as a legitimate standard “proper”(how to define?) choice.

I argue (without much basis, I’ll admit) that people know, at some level, that promiscuity evokes a disagreeable response. Possibly, its the EWW factor someone above talked about. Just because we find it difficult to justify the feeling in our current framework of absolute legal support for absolute relationship freedom, with the exception of cheating, doesn’t mean that EWW doesn’t mean something.

milindsmart says:
February 5, 2013 at 12:46 am
Ok so I’m done.